Let's See Tricks to Overcome Lumbago When Pregnant Here

Lumbago during pregnancy is a common condition. But if not treated properly, this condition can adversely affect the comfort of pregnant women in the long run. In some cases, back pain can also be a sign of more serious health problems. Lumbago during pregnancy is caused by changes in the body's center of gravity due to the development of the womb, so pregnant women need to adjust their posture when standing and walking. In addition, hormonal changes and ligament stretching will occur, as the body's natural process of preparing for labor. This stretch can cause pressure and pain in the lower back and waist. Pain in the waist is also influenced by the size of the growing fetus, thereby contributing to the burden borne by the back and waist. Lumbago during pregnancy can also be felt spread to the legs. This complaint might make you want to continue to rest in bed, but sleeping all day actually allows lumbago to get worse. So What Can Be Done? Even though you're pregnan
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